Saturday, May 30, 2009

Learn to Listen ....

My best friend Billie gave me this postcard sometime in the mid-80's. I keep it on my bulletin board here in my teddy bear room.

In case you can't read the words on the card, I'll type them here:

Learn to Listen like a Teddy Bear. With ears open and mouth closed.
Learn to forgive like a Teddy Bear. With heart open, not caring who is right.
Learn to love like a Teddy Bear. With arms open, and imperfect eyesight!
-Sarah McClellan-

I just thought I'd pass that on. It's time to move on from my last post and go back to the basics of why I love teddy bears !!

Thanks for sharing this joy with me. Hugs from Vicki and the bears


  1. Vicki,
    That is pure and simple and lovely. Thanks so much for sharing it.
    If it's okay I'd like to tac it up in my teddy bear studio. It's words to live by.
    Hug Hug,

  2. Beautiful words - thanks for sharing them. They are definitely going up on my board.

    Pat xx

  3. Wonderful words of wisdom! Bears are so wise!

  4. Hi Laura.... please tack it up in your studio! It is so much fun to share the magic. Hope you are feeling better, Pat and I love your new "girly" bear...thanks for dropping by Lynda, and I agree.. the wisdom of bears is great! Many hugs to you all.