Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Inspiration and Teddy Bear Love

Inspiration sneaks in when you are least aware of it.

It comes from reading a story in a magazine about somebody’s “muse” and you wonder to yourself if you, indeed, have a “muse” of your own.

It comes from believing in the magic and listening to the still small voice that comes to you that says, “If you believe in the magic, you have to live the magic.”

It comes from not comparing yourself to others, knowing that inside you is a unique expression of the universe begging to come forth.

It comes from having an idea and being willing to work on that idea until it comes to fruition, even if it isn't quite the outcome you imagined it to be.

It comes from believing in yourself.


That’s it.

Just believe.

Don’t worry about tomorrow. Cultivate teddy bear love. It is everywhere. It exists.

Even on the dull days when nothing seems to fit anymore and teddy bear love and inspiration seem to have flown out the window never to return.

If you stay, if you believe, if you still keep on keeping on…. teddy love and inspiration will return.

You have to believe in yourself.

You have to take that first step.

Even if there is only the teeniest bit of light available that begs you to come forth.

You have to believe.

Teddy love and inspiration are not things you can hang on to.

They are things that you must believe in and give away at every opportunity.

Because it is only by giving them away that you get to experience them for yourself.

You have to walk through doubt.

You have to push that button even though everything in your mind tells you not to because people will judge you for who you are.

But you have to anyway, because there is something inside that says you just can’t quit one more time.

You must enter into uncharted territory. You have to be brave enough to create something and let other’s see it.

Let yourself be seen.