Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Letter to My Bears

I recently had a situation in my life that definitely took the wind right out of my sails in regards to my teddy bear business. And as I come to a place of acceptance about the whole thing, I wonder to myself, how fragile am I, really? Do I give so much power to the opinions of others that I would literally stop doing what I love and believe the comments of one critical person?

In a moment of confusion I gathered up all my teddies and sat them here in the teddy bear room, unsure as to what I was going to do with them.

As I sat here reading a post on my computer, I glanced over to my left, at 12 little teddy bear eyes that seemed to be saying, “what will become of us?” And I realized that I had taken on someone elses opinion of them and quite simply discarded them from my life.

And then the light bulb came on. I saw the love in those little eyes and a feeling of joy and relief washed over me. I saw the truth that was clouded by fear; the love in the eyes of a teddy bear.


So, my dear teddy friends,

I will take care of all of you, until such time comes as you go to your assigned homes. And if the home you go to isn’t a loving home, that just makes your job a little more special. Because you will have to give all the love away that I have given you when I made you. And by giving away all the love that exists inside you, you will find your purpose and complete your assignment here on earth.

And thusly the healing begins.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends! Hugs, Vicki and the bears

Thursday, November 1, 2012


BenjaminRev (7)

Well, this little “face” has been sitting on my work table for a few days now and yesterday he said “NOW.” So, I complied, finished him up, made him a scarf, sat him down for the photo session, and viola. He is ready to “face” the world.

I love his little face! I hope you do, too!



BenjaminRev (1)

Thanks for the visit!

Vicki and the Bears