Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Bears to Introduce!

Remember Sunny Days and Teddy Bears, when I brought you into my work area and introduced you to the “works in progress?”

Well, I just thought I would introduce you to the results of those bits and pieces I had on my desk.

Angelo was the first bear finished and he was featured in my last blog post.

This little guy is Lightening. He is 6 inches tall.

Lightening (23)_edited

This Panda Bear is Tink. She is also 6 inches tall.

Tink (27)_edited

And lastly is Jasper. My latest Alaskan Brown Grizzly bear at 9.5 inches tall.

Jasper (1)_edited

I have listed all three bears on eBay. The details are on the right hand column here on my blog.

The brown mohair is still waiting … soon. Yes, very soon.

Thanks for welcoming these new guys into the world! Vicki

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Introducing Angelo


Little Angelo made his final appearance on the work table on Monday. He is now finished and ready to find a new home. His listing is on eBay for the next five days.

Angelo (19)_edited

He is 10 inches (24.4 cm) tall and is made out of tea stained mohair that I lightly airbrushed cinnamon brown.

Angelo (30)_edited

His photo session took literally hours and many digital photos were sent to the “trash.” By the time we were finished we were both worn out.

Angelo (28)_edited

I just couldn’t seem to get the camera to correctly display the color differentiation the way I wanted it to.

Angelo (20)_edited

I finally had to quit and call it a day, as Angelo said, “I’m done… no more posing.”


So I followed the good bear’s orders and put the camera away for another day.

Thanks for visiting. His brother “Lightening” will be posted soon.

Hugs from Vicki and Angelo

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunny Days and Teddy Bears..

… if you live in Juneau, Alaska, sunny days are not conducive to sitting indoors and working on teddy bears. Sorry bears.


Juneau is located in the Southeast Panhandle of Alaska in what is described as a rainforest. Not the kind of rainforest you might think of in terms of warm and tropical. This is the kind of rain that looks like 44 degrees and raining… really raining.

My favorite place to be on those rainy days is right here in the teddy bear room, creating to my heart’s content.

But when it sunshines here in beautiful Alaska ….. it is next to impossible to stay indoors. You might even say we are somewhat frantic to “get outside” if you have lived in Juneau for any length of time.

For the past two days it has been sunny and warm. I have planted my vegetable garden, gone for a motorcycle ride with my hubby and poked around in my greenhouse. I am saturated with sun and loving every minute of it.

But you know, even though the sun is gorgeous and wonderful and I need to be in it…. the teddy bear room beckons me even now as evening approaches… I feel that urge inside of me that isn’t satisfied doing anything but creating bears.

I have five projects that are sitting here patiently at my work desk.


Two little bears… one needs a little extra airbrushing, the other a face and a name.


A new little panda to be created from mohair I dyed this weekend… (I did stay inside long enough to do that).


An Alaskan Grizzly type bear to be made from this gorgeous tipped mohair… that I boiled up to make it look a bit distressed.


And another what I hope to be an Alaskan Brown Bear from some white mohair that I dyed a chocolate brown.


I hope to have some finished bears to show you here in the next few days…. but it might have to start raining first.

Hugs to all of you! Vicki and the “potential” bears

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Rhapsody (15)_edited

Introducing another of my newer creations, 16” Rhapsody.

Rhapsody (9)_edited
She is made from tea stained white mohair and has wool felt paws. I’ve done a little airbrushing around her eyes, ears and paw pads to give her a more realistic appearance.

Rhapsody (7)_editedHer collar is hand crochet and also airbrushed a bit. Her sweet little nose is made from polymer clay that was baked and sanded to make it look a little old.

Rhapsody (21)_edited

She is stuffed with poly pellets and polyester fiberfill so she is squishy and completely lovable.

Currently she is for sale in my Etsy shop.

Hugs from Vicki and Rhapsody!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Handcrafted Teddy Bears By Michelle is Giving away Rosebud!


Drop on over to Michelle's Blog and she’ll explain the details.

Good luck with your giveaway, Michelle!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Introducing Reinhold!

I’m sure it has been over a year since I discovered this gorgeous plush at our local fabric shop, but I was hesitant to buy. What put me off from purchasing enough to make a bear was the color, which, believe it or not has a sort of yellow/greenish hue. I just wasn’t sure it would make an attractive teddy bear.
A couple of weeks ago, the plush won me over and I couldn’t resist buying a yard. And I couldn’t be happier with the results
Although the color on the computer doesn’t appear to be a yellow/green tone, the bear once finished actually took on more of a creamy color….
The soft attractive “feel” of the plush was what won me over. And the result was a pretty nice bear, of which I am pleased.
He is available in my Etsy store at the moment.
And, thank you for visiting my blog.
Hugs, Vicki and Reinhold