Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An Extra Day….

.. what a bonus. So Shaggy decided to enjoy the day by letting his long white locks blow in the chilly Alaskan breeze.


Happy February 29th!

After Shaggy was finished enjoying the sunshine and the wind, he posted his picture on eBay, in hopes some kind person would agree to adopt him soon.

Friday, February 24, 2012

A teeny bear to make you smile..


Little Myron is big on personality and small in stature. He is 4.5 inches tall and is for sale on eBay!

He is the first bear made from an alpaca blend that I recently ordered from Intercal.







Thanks for the visit! Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

One new face and a couple of old ones to enjoy!


The big white bear watching over the group is Jeffrey. He is the new face.


The others are James,




and Wabbit,


..all of whom have been around for a bit.. looking for new homes on Etsy.

I just received a box of mohair and alpaca from Intercal Trading Group and I am very excited for new bears to be born.

Hugs from Vicki and the bears.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day…

… to everyone! AND, Happy Anniversary to my husband and Me, as we celebrate 9 years today!

Every year we take our picture so here goes ..

VickiKelly600Our wedding 2003

Anniversary1 002(1)jpg1st Anniversary ‘04

0219 1022nd Anniversary ‘05

ThirdAnnivEdited3rd Anniversary ‘06

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         4th Anniversary ‘07

Missing 5th Anniversary..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         6th Anniversary ‘09

Missing 7th Anniversary…

004_edited8th Anniversary ‘11

Looks like we skipped the pictures on year five and seven… hum… I can’t let that happen again.

I’ll take our picture tomorrow and hope for many, many more.

Just sharin’ the love. Happy Valentine’s Day All!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Photographing a Personality


One of the challenges of working in a teddy bear world is trying to capture the personality of the teddy bear. Sometimes it just doesn’t work by using a plain black or plain white background. Dawson is such a case. Although I was able to capture his sweetness in a couple of photographs using a plain background, he insisted that I photograph him surrounded by the “fun” stuff that teddy bears love.

So, how could I resist. He promised to cooperate, and so shall I. We started with, of course, a favorite of the teddies, the big rocking horse.


And from there to the bamboo plant by the window sill;


… then over to the little clock by the bookshelf;


And, by all means, we had to pose on the bookshelf next to some favorite Steiff bears;


Next we went over to “Mom’s” chair;


….. then to the dining room table;


Oh, and a favorite was next to the baby orchid plants that Mom brought home from Hawaii;


And finally to rest next to the globe of the World, to dream of his new home.


Thanks for sharing the magic!

Hugs, Vicki and Dawson

P.S. And my Mom is doing much better for those of you who read my previous post! Thanks for your thoughts.