Monday, June 21, 2010

New Bears

Short and sweet, simply to share with you the new bears that have blessed me with their presence here in the past couple of weeks.

This is Chef Michael,

ChefMichael (3)_edited


Echo2 (2)_edited


Rebecha1 (8)_edited


Luke (4)_edited



And, little Estella. Ah, but you met her last time when she was swimming in lace.

Estella (3)_edited

Thanks for stopping by and a blessed Summer Solstice to all.

Hugs, Vicki and the bears

Monday, June 7, 2010

Estella and Lace

Thank you so much to my wonderful friend, Laura, of Dances with Teddy Bears for the lovely lace that I received in the mail on Saturday as a result of “lucky me” winning Laura’s Lace Giveaway!


My most recent creation, Estella, has been waiting patiently (even though it just took a couple of days to get here) for the arrival so she could adorn herself appropriately.

She has since picked out a favorite piece and I made her a little lace collar. And since she’s sitting right here at my desk, I’ll just take her picture so you can see her selection.


I’m not sure who had more fun unraveling the goodies, Estella or me. (Probably me)

Thanks for sharing the fun, Laura.

Love and Hugs, Vicki and Estella

Friday, June 4, 2010

Panda Project (The Final Stage)

A while back I posted a story about a dirty little (well, he was actually rather large, but I like the sound of “dirty little”) Panda bear who came to live with me for a while, just to get cleaned up. If you are interested in the whole story you can click here to read the post

The next stage of development for this lucky bear was her bath. After sitting around and visiting with Woody for about a month, it became necessary to provide her with a new nose and a much needed bath.

PandaProject (4)

The only way I know to safely wash a bear is to use cold water, Woolite and a terrycloth rag.

PandaProject (3)

The bear is gently washed by hand, section by section. After each section is washed, I rinse, using the same method but without the Woolite.

After two sessions of wash and dry, and a final brushout, red bow and huge human hug… I am ready to send this guy home!

PeggysPanda (2) PeggysPanda (4)

Happy trails! Love from Vicki