Monday, May 30, 2016

Rambo the Yorkie

In addition to the teddy bears, I love creating one of a kind dogs occasionally. Little Rambo is one of three pups I've recently created. I'll post the other two shortly!

On the right hand side of this post is a link to my Etsy store. Rambo is available for adoption if you are interested.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Vicki and the pups!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Miniature Teddy Bears

I've just finished these five little sweeties. They are all 4.5 inches tall and soon to be listed in my Etsy shop.

This one is Sprout.

And these are her little brothers, Bran and Buddy.

And then there is the beautiful Miss Charolette!

And last, but of course not least, is little Dennis.

If you are interested in adopting any on of these little cuties, they will be listed in my Etsy shop shortly. Just click on the link to the right of this entry. 

Love and hugs, Vicki

Friday, January 8, 2016

My New Best Buddy

I met Jackie in July of 2013. His hair was what you could call a "rough cut" and he had just been adopted by my then 84 year-old Mom. It seems his former owner left him with her x-husband and from what I understand, Jackie then lived outside in a pen for about a year with his companion, a Pit Bull. I guess the "x-husband" decided it was time for Jackie to have his own home and through a neighbor of my Mother's, she was told that there was a lonely little dog who was up for adoption. My Mom had lost her dog-companion, Spock, a few months earlier, so she was in the market for a new pup and consequently adopted Jackie.

When my Mom called me and told me she had a new dog, I couldn't wait to come over and meet him. When I saw him, I fell in love. Yes, it was love at first sight. I told my Mother that she didn't have to worry about ever leaving Jackie behind if she decided to leave this earth, because I would take care of him for her.

Sadly, my Mom had a series of health problems and ultimately passed away at the age of 85, about a year and a half after adopting Jackie. I knew Jackie was a special little dog the first day I met him. However, I did not know of his loyalty until I observed him in action during the last year and a half of my Mom's life. Due to her extreme illness, she was hospitalized numerous times and spent many days in her own bed at home. At the times when Jackie could not be near her due to a hospital stay, he was frantic with worry. When she was at home and spent many hours in bed, he was there with her. He kept her company during those long days when she couldn't do much, he never left her side.

On the evening my Mother passed, Jackie was there. He stayed on the bed with my Mother while she gently left this world. 

Although I knew Jackie would be coming home with me, I also knew that it would be too much for him to take him away from my Mom's house immediately after her passing. So I spent the night with him in my Mother's house. He came and slept with me on the couch. No frantically looking for my Mom, No anxiety, he knew. He knew she was gone.

I must say that having Jackie in my life this past year has been a blessing I would have never expected. Although our family has had dogs in the past, I never had my own dog. I mean I had never experienced the clicking of toenails following me every where I went, a dog-companion to snuggle up to at night, someone begging to go on car rides, leaping with glee at the thought of going for a walk, and chasing a ball with complete delight. 

I've wanted to introduce Jackie for some time, but the story couldn't be written until some of the grieving was done. I know that now. I hope my Mom knows that Jackie is safe and loved and will see her in heaven someday.

Jackie's transition with the teddy bears was seamless..... however, he and the cat are still working things out! Katrina is still the boss.

Happy 2016 everybody. More stories, bears and Juneau life to follow. Hugs, Vicki & Jackie