Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Few Weeks Ago….

I received a box in the mail.



Two beautiful fur coats. One was shaved black mink and the other I believe is Persian Lamb.


The coats were given to me by my friend Robin’s cousin, Janet. Just because she knew I made bears and was working with recycled fur and wanted to make a donation.

So, in turn, I returned the favor by sending her a little donation…. created as a result of her kindness.

1-JanetsBear (13)

I didn’t name him… except to call him Janet’s bear. She received him on Valentine’s Day!

We meet wonderful people in our world of teddy bears.

I just wanted to thank you again, Janet, for the wonderful gift. I can’t wait to see who else emerges from the pile of fur.

1-JanetsBear (9)

1-JanetsBear (6)

Hugs, Vicki and the bears!