Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Go Lucky, Lamborghini!

Lamborghini (7)_edited

I was down to my last scraps of mohair and other remnants the other day. And so arises little Lamborghini, from the ashes… so to speak.

Lamborghini (15)_edited

She is 6 inches tall and is made from some alpaca that I found in my stash and, guess what… yes, you guessed it…. a remnant from that yard of mohair I mentioned in my previous post.

Lamborghini (42)_edited

You know, I am so pleased with the way she turned out. She is simply delightful… oh, and by the way, she loves to dance.


She’ll be up either on Etsy or eBay later today (tonight, that is) or tomorrow. Hope you enjoy her photos!


Thanks for the visit! Vicki and the remnant bears…

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What can you do with a yard of white mohair?

On February 4, I bought one yard of 5/8” semi-sparse white mohair. Beautiful, isn’t it?


My intent was to be able to use it for whatever struck my fancy as far as colors go.

The first bear I made was Link. A little air brushing turned white mohair into a panda.


Then there was Rhapsody, made from a tea stained portion of the mohair.


And along came Angelo with a bit of tea staining and air brushing.


Next came Lightening. In addition to using a tea stained portion of this mohair for Lightening, I also used a bit of golden tan mohair I had on hand.


Another panda made the scene after that.. Her name is Tink. I dyed a portion of the mohair black and airbrushed in her panda eyes and chest.


Then there was Hemlock (formerly Tim). I dyed a portion of the mohair a beautiful light brown.

Tim (30)_edited

And the last bear created was Ching. I used the leftover dyed brown mohair and airbrushed in her panda features.


Pretty neat, huh? I love the versatility of the white. You know…. I think I’ll do this again and see what the next yard turns into.

Stay tuned…

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Introducing Tim, My Alaskan Spirit Bear

TimProcess (72) I finished him a couple of days ago and he is almost ready to go!  Although it is going to be hard to let him go.

I know “spirit bears” are typically white, but this is a brown one, just because he is. I decided (actually, it was decided for me) that he would be a spirit bear because creating him has helped me through a very challenging week. He even went with me to the OR and I stuffed him while waiting for my husband to come out of surgery.

TimProcess (70)

I named him Tim after the ER doctor who took such good care of my husband.

And during his process, I photographed every step of his creation so I can soon share with you exactly what it takes to make a bear. That will take place on a post to come sometime in the future.

The sun is shining again today and we are all on the road to recovery in our house. We are grateful and blessed, for sure.

Thank you for joining in the magic!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hurt Hubby…

When I woke up Monday morning (Memorial Day) I saw a note on the counter from my husband telling me he was out for a short motorcycle ride and it was signed “I love you.”

Monday was a beautiful, sunny day here in Juneau and since it was a rare day off for him, it was a perfect time for him to go out for a bit and have a little fun on his motorcycle.

The call from the ER came in at 8:40 a.m.

The first thing the nurse said was “he is OK.” The ambulance had just brought him in and my presence was requested.

I jumped into my clothing and ran to my car for the five minute ride to the ER. Scared to death, my heart beating way too fast and my stomach tied up in knots, they directed me to his room.

The only things in the room were his cut off clothing, his battered and bloody helmet, goggles and eye glasses. They had taken him immediately to xRay.

We spent all day at the ER. His injuries range from a small fracture above his right eye to a broken arm, scrapes, bruises and generalized trauma all over his body.

We have more doctor’s appointments and a surgery tomorrow to repair his arm.

We love the motorcycle… I love the motorcycle. I love riding with him, arms wrapped around him, feeling the wind on my face and feeling free.

But now, I don’t know. Somehow I don’t think I will ever have that feeling again.

Life seems to rob us sometimes. But I don’t think it’s really like that, at all. Because when something seems to be taken away, there is always a gift in return.

For me, it’s the gift of a second chance. Another day to say “I love you, too.”