Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time to Stop and Take a Breath..

Most every year my teddy bears and I participate in Juneau’s own Public Market, held on Thanksgiving weekend. This year the event takes place on Nov. 26, 27, & 28.

Sierra Exif JPEG

The fur starts to fly around here beginning in July and lasts until I feel like I have enough bears to make things interesting.

Consequently, I have been buried in fur for the past couple of months or so and just came up for air .. so to speak.

The following is a preview of bears who will be participating in this year’s market.

GroupFor2010PM (5)_edited

GroupFor2010PM (2)_edited

GroupFor2010PM (12)_edited

GroupFor2010PM (19)

I’m pretty excited, as always, preparing my booth for the market. I’ll post some individual bear pictures here in the next few days.

Thanks all for stopping by and Happy Fall Days! Vicki and the Bears