Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Story of Maxwell Revisited

I wrote this story in December of 2008. Since Maxwell has decided to add to his story, I decided to repost this with an addition at the end. Enjoy!


Maxwell is the first bear I ever made out of a pattern I designed by myself. All my previous bears were made from purchased patterns that I subsequently altered to fit my creative desires. He was also the first bear I ever made out of mohair. I had no idea, at the time, how to place the pattern on the mohair. So I placed it with the fur flowing upwards, which created an interesting effect, kind of like hair standing on end.

Maxwell was born on March 12, 1993, after I recovered from a serious illness which kept me in a hospital far away from my home, my friends, my family, and my teddy bears for what seemed like an endless period of time.

Maxwell was my inspiration for health; therefore, his name stands for maximum wellness.

His first great adventure was to have his photo taken by my good friend, Nora. So Nora took Maxwell and me to his first photo shoot at Cope park in Juneau, Alaska. Here are some of his favorite poses.



Maxwell also accompanied me on many hikes up to my favorite mountain, Sheep Creek. Here is a picture of us taking a little break.


Not long after Maxwell was born, he was purchased by one of my favorite teddy bear people, Don, who bought him for his lovely wife, Alma. Maxwell lived happily, I’m sure, with Don and Alma and many other bears for close to five years.

In 1997 I decided to move from Alaska to North Dakota to be closer to my parents. Soon after I made that announcement, Don and Alma invited me to their home. We all sat down together and they told me they both had the same thought…. that Maxwell should come back to live with me and accompany me on my journey to North Dakota.

So, Maxwell returned to North Dakota with me, where we spent a very wonderful year staying close to Mom and Dad. Here is a picture of Maxwell on the train to North Dakota.


Maxwell and I moved back to Alaska a year later in 1998 and Mom has come back to join us ten years after that in 2008.

Maxwell spends most of his time these days atop his favorite rocking horse here in our home in Alaska. He is old and a little imperfect. His joints are a little looser and he seems to have a slight crook to his stance. But his eyes and his heart tell of his past adventures and stories that wait to be told. So, like a tale that never really ends, Maxwell is not through with his journey.

Every once in a while when he gets picked up, dusted off, and shined up, he makes me smile. For teddy power never gets old. He has more ideas for his future and I’m sure I’ll learn of them when he sees fit. For now, we’ll just say TTNF. Dated December 8, 2008.

Update December 8, 2012.

Maxwell has informed me that it is time for him to return to his former home with Alma and Don. Alma is experiencing some health challenges and Maxwell needs to be by her side. So I packed him up in a little Christmas bag and he was delivered yesterday.


And we will stay tuned… for a teddy’s adventures are never truly over.