Monday, January 28, 2013

You Just Never Know….

… what will be the next thing to come out of my studio. Seriously.

I mean some of them are cute….I mean C-U-T-E!

1-Merlin (16)

… some of them are kinda mean…

Brewer (2)_edited

.. and some of them are just itty-bitty things.

Serge (22)_edited

Some of them wear dresses ….

1-Sissy (26)

.. and some wear winter coats…

1-Chilkat (41)

.. and some wear nothing at all, except their fur, of course.


Some of them are kind of silly….


… and some are just plain BAD…

BBBear (28)

Some look like people…


… and have pretty serious jobs.

And some look like … well …. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

…. other animals, perhaps.


I was thinking today about this thing I call “my job.”

A job that is so much fun I feel guilty doing it..

A job that turns my world, makes my days go lightening fast and hopefully brings a smile and some goodness to those who cross my path.

How did I get so lucky.

I am blessed for sure.

1-Logan (5)

Thanks for the visit! Vicki and the Bears

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A little time with Rafferty

1-Rafferty (4)

Rafferty was my first bear of 2013. He came and went so fast I hardly had time to get to know him.

1-Rafferty (15)

1-Rafferty (9)

I’ve been working a bit with recycled mink lately and I love the way it lends itself to the realism of the bear.

Rafferty’s Mom requested that he be provided with a parka. I have just finished that and it is on its way to her so Rafferty won’t get cold here in Alaska.

His parka looks just like his buddy Chipster’s parka, which is depicted in the following photo.

1-Chipster (96)

I have been hesitant to work with real fur in the past. For one, it is extremely difficult to work with, for another there was a moral issue I couldn’t get past.

However, after making a few mink bears for daughters and granddaughters who were the recipients of their Mother’s or Grandmother’s mink stole or coat, it has given me cause to think of the real fur in a different way. As a way to remember a loved one through the eyes of a teddy bear.

I work exclusively with recycled furs and it is turning out to be quite profitable and fun!

Hope you enjoy these cute little faces. Thanks for the visit.

Teddy hugs, Vicki