Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Introducing Angelo


Little Angelo made his final appearance on the work table on Monday. He is now finished and ready to find a new home. His listing is on eBay for the next five days.

Angelo (19)_edited

He is 10 inches (24.4 cm) tall and is made out of tea stained mohair that I lightly airbrushed cinnamon brown.

Angelo (30)_edited

His photo session took literally hours and many digital photos were sent to the “trash.” By the time we were finished we were both worn out.

Angelo (28)_edited

I just couldn’t seem to get the camera to correctly display the color differentiation the way I wanted it to.

Angelo (20)_edited

I finally had to quit and call it a day, as Angelo said, “I’m done… no more posing.”


So I followed the good bear’s orders and put the camera away for another day.

Thanks for visiting. His brother “Lightening” will be posted soon.

Hugs from Vicki and Angelo


  1. LOL! Poor Angelo and poor you. Sometimes the camera lighting just doesn't work out right. At any rate, he's adorable! One lucky person is going to adopt him, I'm sure!


  2. Hi Tracy! Angelo thanks you and it looks like he has found a home... bad pics and all. Take care! Vicki

  3. I'm so glad he found a home! I'm sure his new owner will adore him, as I do the bear I got from you. :)