Saturday, June 6, 2009

An Angel Bear for Vicky

My sister-in-law, Vicky (spelled with a “Y”) (she also calls herself Vicky “1”, and I don’t mind a bit) was diagnosed with a very serious illness approximately 6 months ago. She is bravely and positively enduring treatments for her illness and has surprised everyone, the doctors, her family and all of her friends with her miraculous response to the treatment.

I made her a little angel bear about a week ago and my husband and I sent it to her as a surprise, to help her through the “homestretch” (we hope) of her treatments.

One thing I know about teddy bears. They help.

Plain and simple, they just help.

And so to Vicky, here’s just a little more help in the form of a little angel bear made especially for you.

Love from Vicki (Vicki “2”) and the bears


  1. Hi Vicky, your little angel is simply beautiful and I'm sure she'll be a wonderful comfort to your sister-in-law. Teddies do that!

    Lots of love
    Pat xx

  2. Hi Vicki, your sister-in-law will love the angel bear that you made her she's lovely! I hope that your sister responds well to the next lot of treatment , sending lots of hugs Ginie-Lee xx

  3. Thanks for your kind thoughts Pat and Ginie-Lee. A little teddy love goes a long way. Hugs from Vicki