Monday, June 22, 2009


Eighteen hours and eighteen minutes of daylight yesterday; you'd think I could find time to write on the blog with all those hours in the day. Where do they go?

There's plenty of time for begonias and tulips to grow.

And then we need to install a new floor in the kitchen and dining room.... there's plenty of time for that.

There's plenty of time for deer to visit (and eat the tulips when they get a chance).

Plenty of time for God to create rainbows.

And finally, in the midst of all the activity, Beth says, "I'm tired ..... daytime or not, I need a rest.

Many summer hugs from Vicki and the busy bears !


  1. Hiya Vicki
    I was wondering how many hours of daylight you were getting now. 18 is a lot! We get about 16, maybe a wee bit more. So I guess we're really not that far behind you. We have a very long twilight, I imagine you do, too. But by 11pm it's dark-dark. And I guess you're still light-light.
    Hope you're having a happy summer!!!
    Love and Hugs,

  2. What fabulous views you have! Our year has just turned, sad but true! I love the summer and the long hours of daylight (perfect for sewing!)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my friends. I do love the long hours although the days are shortening up bit by bit. Hugs to you