Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Biking for Pat!

Hubby and I on our honeymoon 2003 in Palm Springs!

We rented a Harley and rode all over the place, it was a blast!

Currently we ride a Honda Shadow here in Juneau, on sunny days. Will post a picture next time one of those sunny riding days arrives!

Take care and thanks for checking in! Hugs from Vicki


  1. Vicki, you need to come to Sunny South Africa and ride to your heart's delight! The two of you look just the way bikers should. So cool.

  2. Who knows what may come. I would love to visit your beautiful area. Thanks and take care! Vicki

  3. Vicki, what a great picture! And what a great thing to do on your honeymoon!
    Hey, let's all go to Sunny South Africa!
    Now that would be way cool!
    Bill and I have had several bikes through the years. But none right now. I do miss the wind on my helmet!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! What fun that would be! Gives me goosebumpies just thinking about it!! We can always dream and sometimes dreams come true. Hugs to you, Laura. Vicki