Monday, May 4, 2009

Born on a Sunny Day !

It finally rained.

We had about seven days of sunshine, and I'll tell you, when it sunshines in Juneau, everybody is out and smiling. It's crazy. We live in a rainforest. And it rains in a rainforest. I won't bore you with statistics, but believe me when I say.... rain is a constant in our area. When the sun shines, it is the most beautiful place in the world to be and we all get just a little bit nutty.

We try to do everything you could possibly do in the sun, and we try to get it all done in a day, because we don't know when our next sunny day will be. So we plant gardens and flower baskets, we thatch and mow the lawn, we pull weeds, we go for a ride, we eat ice cream, we go for a walk, we sit in the sun, we wash the car, we build a cat run on the deck, we ride our bike, and we agree with everyone we meet that it is a most beautiful day, and don't we deserve it, and aren't we ready for it!

It's almost like taking a leave of sanity for a bit. A day of sunshine in Juneau is like a day in heaven, I would think. And when we are blessed with more than one day .... we just go mad.

Today it is raining. That's OK, because there is hope... hope for more sunny days, since it is only May. And we need the rain so the leaves can appear on the trees and bushes and so the flowers can grow and bloom.

Good news though in teddy bear land... even when the sun shines, teddys can be cut out and sewed by hand on the deck, with a quick trip to the sewing machine to finish things off. Two sweet faces arrived last week, and although they aren't quite done, they are grateful to be here.

They will be listed on my website within the next couple of days, after they tell me who they are.

I'll have a Mother's Day story later this week, too. Rain or shine.

Hugs to everybody out there in teddy bear land. Vicki and the bears


  1. Vicki, your little bears have the sweetest faces! It sounds like so much fun when the sun is shining and you bike? Tell us about the biking!

  2. All your bears are lovely, Each one is absolutely unique with it's own wonderful character.

  3. So glad the sun shone for you! It always lifts my spirits. Your teddies certainly do have individual characters, they are really cute!
    I've begun my first mohair bear, taking it slowly, when I get chance. Been busy trying to finish a quilt lately. It's beginning to get to me, my fingers are sore!
    Hope the sunshine stays around.

  4. Hi there, Pat... what a great idea. Next time I go biking I'll take you with me (i.e., my camera) and report on my adventure :)

    Good luck with your quilt, Lynda, and the mohair teddy.

    Thank you (both of you) for your comments on the bears.

    Hugs from Vicki

  5. Hi Vicki!
    Your teddies are adorable! Do they have names yet?
    I loved your sunshine story. We go almost as goofy here, in Washington State. It's raining right now, and for the foreseeable future. Oh well. I do love rain, however a little sunshine now and then would be nice.
    Hope we both get to see more of Mr Sun soon!
    Soggy Hugs,

  6. Your sunny days do sound like heaven, love those bears
    Sue xx

  7. Hi Laura... I finished "Pierre" the brown one yesterday... today it is sunny again so nothing else has been done lol. Hugs to my fellow rainy day person! Vicki

    Yes, Sue, it is heaven in the sunshine here!