Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Featuring Bunnies on eBay !

Although most of the critters I create are teddy bears, I do endulge myself in the occasional bunny; seven of them to be exact have arrived in our home over the past year or so.

This afternoon I carefully placed all of them on the proverbial deck rail for their photo session. Although the wind was blowing a little, I thought I could get away with it if I took the photo rather quickly.

To my dismay, I was not quick enough in pressing the shutter on my digital camera. First Tucks blew off the railing and not being content to go it alone, he took little Radio Flyer along with him. The rest of the bunnies fell face first onto the deck.

Tucks landed on his head right below the deck railing while Radio Flyer tumbled head over heels on a fast track to the street, approximately 150 feet below our house. By the time I caught up with Radio Flyer and headed back up the hill to gather Tucks into my arms, I was quite winded.

Not wanting to repeat the performance, I placed all of the bunnies in an empty planter hanger to pose for their picture.

They are all listed in the bunny section of my eBay store. If you click here, you will be taken there.

Thanks for checking in with us and happy days ahead! Hugs from Vicki and the bears (and the bunnies)


  1. Hi Vicky, be careful rabbits breed like wildfire!!! Oops I think I'm too late :-)
    Lovely little cuties by the way,
    Hugs Ginie-Lee x

  2. Hi Vicky, you little bunnies as very sweet and I would have great difficulty in letting them go!

  3. Aww! they are so cute! Better put up a sign down below 'beware of flying bunnies!

  4. Hi Ginie-Lee; It's funny, most of them were born in Sept 2008... must have been breeding month..ha..

    Pat, once I get a digital picture taken (although that can be difficult at times)it makes it easier to say goodbye :)

    That's funny, Lynda.... and Radio "Flyer" was the one who almost made it to the street.

    Thanks! Vicki

  5. Hi Vicki
    Love your bunnies. They are really cute!
    Your bunny escapade really made me laugh. Glad they, and you, survived the adventure.
    Warm Hugs,

  6. Hi Laura! Glad you enjoyed the tumbling bunny story :) Enjoy and take care! Hugs from Vicki