Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Has Arrived in Alaska!

Yesterday evening I spotted the crocus.

Every Spring for as long as I have lived in our house the first sign of Spring is the appearance of one lone crocus that pokes its little head through the maize of weeds and grass that cover the hillside where we live.

We've had what seems like a never ending winter here in Juneau and I have been patiently waiting for the ground to appear from underneath the mounds of snow.

Yesterday it was sunny and I let our two kitties out on the deck to play in the sunshine. When I looked down at the embankment... there it was, our promise of Spring, our lone purple crocus.

What a little miracle it is. A shock of purple and yellow busting through the soaking brown mass of dead grass.

Thank you little crocus. You made me smile today.

Hugs to everybody, from Vicki and the bears


  1. Vicki, How wonderful it must've been to see that first crocus and know that Spring is indeed just around the corner. I loved your little story! Hugs, Laura

  2. Your Spring has arrived and our Autumn has arrived in South Africa. However, in saying that, our temperatures will remain at approximately 23 degrees until well into June.

  3. I am so happy that spring has finally sprung, you must have been soooo fed up with all that snow
    Sue xx

  4. How precious is that first flower of spring! I'm so glad it is with you at last!