Sunday, April 19, 2009

OK, I'm a Basketball Nut...

Spring is the busiest and most exciting time of the year for me. Not only do I get excited about the garden and greenhouse, redecorating and spring cleaning, new teddy bears and just plain walks, I am a basketball nut and the NBA post season playoffs began yesterday. How to fit it all in, is my most pressing problem. And, although we live in a rain forest, it just seems that all the sunny days take place just about the time NBA playoffs start.....

How can life contain so many good things? It just does, and I guess it's all a balancing act. Yesterday morning I woke up and it was partly sunny outside; day two of the NBA playoffs: I have a greenhouse to clean up, a garden to work in, teddies screaming to be made... and a husband, mother, grandkids, friends, and other people to tend to.

And here I sat... still in PJ's.... waiting for the first game to begin. At 11:00 a.m. Alaska time the Lakers met the Jazz. Carlos Boozer of the Utah Jazz grew up in Juneau and played high school basketball here, so watching the Jazz is special.

Sewing and basketball don't really go hand in hand. It is difficult to stare intently at a teddy bear face in progress, when also staring intently at a television set that has players running up and down a court carrying a ball and throwing it in a hoop. Many times while stitching an eye or embroidering a nose, I miss the most important basketball play (thank goodness for the instant replay, is all I can say)!

I did manage to finish little Basketball Jones, born on the first day of the NBA playoffs, April 18, 2009. He's not a player, but he's a watcher and he is very grateful that he got his teddy bear eyes sewn in, just in time to see the playoffs.

Thanks for checking in! Little Mr. Jones will be available on my website later today (or maybe tomorrow)!

Hugs from Vicki and the bears

A balancing act, for sure.


  1. Hi Vicki!
    Basketball Jones is a mighty handsome fellow. Love his hat and neck tie. Those pics really made me smile. They're wonderful!
    You are so right...Spring is a balancing act. Too many fun things to do. I'm glad we have patient teddies.
    Many Hugs,

  2. Hi Laura!! Mr. Jones thanks you for the compliment. It's always good to know you are out there in teddy land. Take care! Vicki

  3. What a little sweetie
    Sue xx

  4. Mr. Jones says "Thank you, Sue, and Huggies to you, too"... Vicki