Sunday, April 5, 2009

Changing The Focus

Yesterday on my blog entry, I introduced one of my newest creations, Boston, amid a slight tirade about winter hanging on for what seems like forever in our beautiful State.

Today I decided to share a bit of springtime with you, that I somehow overlooked this year.

I have a Hoya (some call it Wax Plant) that lives in the corner of my living room. This beautiful plant has been in my charge for over ten years. Every year without fail, beginning in February and ending in October, this plant blesses our home with some of the most beautiful and precious flowers I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. In addition, the flowers put out a scent in the early evening that is almost heavenly.

Little Sterling begged me to let him pose atop the newest cluster of blossoms so I could take his picture and offer some perspective on the flowers and the plant. Sterling is slightly less than 2” tall and as you can see the blossoms are little clusters of tiny star-like blooms.

I’ve decided to let Sterling nest for a while on the blossom and when I look over at him, I can remember that Spring exists, and sometimes it’s just a matter of changing the focus.

Have a wonderful day!

Vicki and the bears (and the Hoya)


  1. Vicky, Sterling and Boston are gorgeous,Sterling's colour being marvelous! And what a lucky lady you are to have such an amazing plant.

    Take care and be happy, your spring will arrive soon enough.

  2. Hi Pat! Sterling and Boston thank you for your praise and I thank you for you thoughts of warm springlike weather. Take care, Vicki