Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pierre and Dotty, Finished On A Rainy Day !

This one is Pierre. Kind of a dapper little fella. I used an altered version of a pattern I created about a year ago. The alterations include longer arms, shorter legs and more of a pot tummy. I like the way it turned out.

Pierre has a bit of smugness to his personality and although smugness isn't really encouraged in the teddy bear house, we do honor all personalities. I have posted him on eBay, so we'll see if his smugness can survive that arena.

And this little sweetheart is Dotty. Originally she was named Crumpet and she was supposed to be wearing a dress. However, she was quite insistent that she be called Dotty and wanted nothing whatsoever to do with the dress. Also during her photo session, I was convinced I would need a special prop, however, much to my surprise, she stood and posed just like a pro. Perhaps since I listened to and honored her requests, she listened to and honored mine. That's what happens when you listen to teddy talk (reminds me of some people I know)!

And this is the dress "Dotty" refused to wear. And after all that work I put into making it. Oh well, I'm sure another little bear will be absolutely delighted to wear this dress... I'm dreaming about her already.

Thanks to all of you for dropping by. Many hugs from Vicki


  1. Vicki
    Pierre and Dotty are wonderful! I just love their little expressive faces. Mr Smug's outfit is indeed darlingly dapper and Dotty's dress is adorable, but so is her fur outfit. I love her hat!
    Really wonderful work!
    Come kick me in my you-know-what. I am so not in gear.
    Lazy Daze Hugs,

  2. I love both Pierre and Dotty. That dress, wow, you make such gorgeous outfits.
    Sue xx

  3. I Laura! Maybe I could trade some of my "need to be doing something at all times" for some of your "Lazy Daze." Enjoy and thanks for your bear praise. Many hugs to you, Vicki

    And Sue, thank you so much for checking in. I'm experimenting more with "bear outfits" and it's fun! Hugs, Vicki

  4. Vicki your little bears are gorgeous and so are their outfits. I am so envious because I am trying very hard to make teddy clothes and I'm not being very successul so I resort to knitting the clothes. But hopefully I'll get there! Do you work to patterns for their clothes?

    Pat xx

  5. Hi Pat, Yes, I use basic patterns and alter them or change them as desired. I used to sew for my children years ago, so it comes fairly easy. Good luck! Hugs, Vicki