Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Sunny Work Station and Pic of Poka Dot Bear for Laura !

Yesterday's Workstation

We've been blessed with more sunny weather, which means my work station moves from the teddy bear room, to the deck attached to the front of our house. The bear I'm working on in this picture was entirely hand stitched and I even made her a dress (I used the sewing machine for the dress, though).

So, please meet little Betsy, 6 inches tall and wearing her fancy little dress.

And, for my friend, Laura out there in Blogger-Land

Can you believe it, I found this little bear over at my Mom's. I remembered making a polka dot bear way in the beginning of my bear-making career, but I really didn't remember what happened to her. When I went over to Mom's the other day, I spotted the bear in my Mom's office looking pleased as punch... so polka-teddy got to come home with me and have her picture to be posted on the blog !

Hugs to all and thanks for checking in. Vicki


  1. Hi Vicki, how nice to be able to work outside in such lovely weather. I'm pleased you're having a great weekend. And your little Betsy is so cute with her pretty dress.

    Pat xx

  2. Hiya Vicki!
    Awww.. Polka-Teddy is a wonderful golden oldie! So glad she had a photo shoot. Our earlies are very special bears!
    Betsy is a real sweetie. How do you get so much expression out of 6 inches of teddy bear?!
    We have sunshine, too. Wow! I like your outside work station. Great idea!!!
    Warm Sunny Hugs,

  3. Hi Pat and Laura! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, Laura, our early bears are so special... and have very strong spirits. It must be getting cold in your neck of the woods, Pat... as winter arrives? Hugs to you both, Vicki