Thursday, May 28, 2009

Live and Learn

In April of 2007 I opened a store on eBay. It cost me $15 per month to operate, plus listing fees per bear and final value fees on each sale. I thought I’d give it a go, as I was retired and had started to work at my teddy bear business full-time and I wanted to give the Internet a try.

I did very well. Considering. At least I was happy and the sales seemed to counteract the listing fees. I made money and I made lots of eBay friends and had lots of fun.

In March of 2008 I closed my eBay store. Sales were slipping and I was having a hard time keeping my shop up due to family issues. eBay was also changing their fee structure and feedback structure,and there was a lot of eBay grumbling taking place at that time.

A couple of months ago I decided to try the eBay store again, as my family issues have settled down and I’m trying to increase my teddy bear sales. I don’t like to label experiences as “failures” but I decided after two months of money going out steadily and sales being very minimal, it wasn’t worth it to keep the shop. I decided simply to list bears for auction and the occasional Buy-It-Now listing.

I don’t need to make a value judgment on this experience. I could voice my opinion on why sales are down, what seems to be happening on eBay but that isn’t the purpose of this blog entry.

I really just want to let people know what happened, because I was so excited a couple of months ago to start the store again …. And then why the store just seemed to “disappear.”

Sorry, no pictures this time. I don’t know how to photo a sad face with an eBay logo across the front of it…. sigh

On the big and bright side, I will, of course, continue to list new teddies on Bearpile, Etsy, and my website and we'll go from there.

Many teddy hugs to everybody, Vicki and the bears (we’re eating lots of cookies these days)


  1. Hi Vicki, sorry to hear about the eBay shop, but at least you gave it a try. I hope that sad face won't be sad for long, sending lots of hugs,
    Ginie-Lee x

  2. Hi Vicki!
    Me thinks you made the right decision regarding ebay. I'm imagining that sad ebay logo face, and smiling, well smirky smiling.
    I love your bears, as do many many others.
    They will find you, no doubt!
    Can I have a cookie, too? Pretty please?
    Warmest Hugs,

  3. Hi Ginie-Lee; thanks for the kind thoughts. Sad faces don't last long with good thoughts from friends :)

    Sending cookies to Kelso...... sending.... sending....

  4. Vicki, your bears reflect your inner beauty and they will always find good, loving homes. Keep up the excellent work!
    Lots and lots of love
    Pat xx

  5. Thank you, Pat! That's why we need friends to remind us of the truth. I appreciate your words and I'm glad your mojo is returning ! Hugs and loves to you, too. Vicki

  6. Hi Vicki, Sorry to hear about the ebay shop. Your bears are so sweet, i'd want to keep them all anyway. Hugs, Lynda