Saturday, September 26, 2009

Everett the Panda Bear

OK, I'm going to get past this "hair" thing and post a teddy...

This is Everett, my most recent creation. He is made from this fuzzy fleece-type material that I find at JoAnn's. It's not considered plush, but I find it makes the softest bears. The fibers do tend to get all over the place, but a little tumble in the dryer set at "fluff" takes care of a lot of that.

I airbrushed him to give him his panda features... and I'm pretty pleased with the way he turned out.

He is a love, and with his arms open, he is ready for hugs.

So, teddy hugs to all of you and have a great Saturday. Vicki and Everett


  1. Vicki, Everett is a bundle of cuddly love! His open arms just scream: Come hug me!
    You did a wonderful job on his coloring. And you were so brave to do it on new carpeting!
    A wonderful teddy!

  2. Hello Everett, you cutie-pie! I bet you are so soft to cuddle, and I hope you havn't got a headache after your experiences in the tumble dryer! :o)

  3. Yes Laura, I was "relieved" to say the least, once the airbrushing session was complete... LOL ... now I'll be braver for the next teddy soul who needs a little shading;

    Everett says "thanks, Lynda, for worrying about me in the dryer; but no worries... only my fur went in the dryer before I was born..ha ha..

  4. Hi Vicki, Thanks for the lovely comments on the FCoB's blog - it made my day! :o)

  5. Love your panda, gorgeous character. So glad to read your hair dying worked well, I've never been brave enough to do that myself. Hugs, Catherine x