Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunflowers and Teddy Bears

Early this spring I planted about 7 sunflower seeds. Here in Alaska it’s kind of touch and go to see if they will even have enough time and sunshine to bloom. I thought mine were a lost cause, as last weekend we had quite a storm with gusts of 40 mph and I thought for sure all my sunflowers would blow over.

But one sturdy fella stayed upright in the back yard, amid his fellows lying there on the ground.

And the three I have planted in the front yard in front of the greenhouse weathered the storm and delighted in the basking of the sunshine today by gently starting to unfold in the sunlight.

True to form, three teddies started yelling from the teddy bear room and begged to be brought outside into the sunshine by the sunflowers and have their pictures taken.

It’s difficult to ignore the wining and begging of teddy bears; I don’t care who you are. And since the camera was already out, why not?

So these three promised to sit on the railing and NOT fall down over the side and tumble down the bank as their buddies did last Spring.

So, from left to right are Buckeye, Sebastian and Candy Cane. Buckeye has quite the attitude and absolutely insisted on being set atop the closest sunflower. Since I’m pretty much a giveaway when it comes to teddy requests, I sat him on a leaf stem and took his mug shot.

I am grateful for the sunny days, although few and far between as Autumn approaches. So from me and the three bears, happy Autumn days and love and hugs to all!

Vicki and the sunflowers and the three begging bears.


  1. Sorry to hear that some of your sunflowers got blown over, but the ones remaining look great! Glad the bears enjoyed being outside. They like to feel the breeze in their mohair, I think! Hugs to you all xxxx

  2. Oh Vicky I am so pleased that you gave in to the whining and pleading - they are gorgeous! I especially love Sebastian ... what a beautiful big boy.

    PS. Sunflowers have always had a charm of their own, they are my favourites.

    Pat xx

  3. Thank you Lynda and Pat for dropping by. Sebastian is blushing at the compliment, Pat... I think I judged him rather harshly on his looks and gave him more of a personality instead..ha. And Lynda, I agree. The bears love to play, as do your bears, and breezes through mohair must feel good!

  4. Vicki, Your teddys look so happy sitting there. So glad no one decided to dive off.
    Enjoy what's left of summer!
    Hugs and Love,

  5. Hi Laura.. Ha, they learned a lesson from this Spring's diving action by the bunnies! Nice to hear from you, you busy gal. Love & Hugs, Vicki