Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scully and His Corvette

My name is Scully. I was born on December 2, 2002. I am slightly less than 3 inches tall and wear a red print vest. Basically, what I am is a “practice bear”… and I don’t really mind that. That means I actually serve a very valuable service. My Mom teddy bear lady was practicing to make smaller bears. She made me and put a little red vest upon my chest and called me Scully.

She must have liked me because in the summer of 2003 she took me along when she and Himself went to Victoria to pick up the Corvette. I was so excited to be going along, I could hardly sit still the whole way. But little did I know what was yet to come.

It was a 1981 black slightly used Corvette, but I loved it and when she explained to Himself that the Corvette really should belong to Scully, I almost jumped out of my vest. So we all got in the Corvette and proceeded to drive back to Seattle so we could put the Corvette on the barge and bring it back home to Juneau.

I insisted on sitting on the dash, even though I kept falling off.

When we got back home I was requested to turn my Corvette over to Himself, my boss/owner/master/friend, and trust him to completely dismantle my prized possession and rebuild it from the ground up, so to speak.

Years passed. I sat in the man-office waiting, gathering dust, sitting, staring at the wall, gathering faith, hoping, and finally, one day Himself asked his wife teddy bear lady, “Want to go for a Corvette ride?” And she replied, “Yes, and let’s take Scully!”

I could hardly believe my ears! I almost jumped for joy but there was so much dust on me, I couldn’t muster the strength.

So the teddy bear lady picked me up, shook me off, brought me out into the sunshine and placed me on the hood of the Corvette.

The Corvette was just beautiful! It was now this smashing color of red (and it matches my vest) with a little bit of black, leather seats and a wonderful new dashboard for me to sit on. This was worth waiting for, for sure.

So we went for a ride. I got to drive. I got to see amazing scenery. And I got to hang out with the teddy bear lady and Himself for a little while. It was a perfect day in the life of a patient teddy bear.

And now I’m back on my shelf in the man-office, but that’s OK. Because I know that by being patient I have been rewarded and my teddy dreams have come true. My Corvette is back on the road and it is way cool!!!

So, thanks to Himself for fixing my Corvette and making it so beautiful. And thanks to my Mom teddy bear lady for remembering me, sitting here in the man-office for many years, waiting for the magic moment.

Now I have my memories and my dreams and my hopes that I can go for another ride someday beary, beary soon.

Good night from Scully.


  1. Oh Scully, you are one lucky teddy bear! You have your pretty red vest and your pretty newly re-zoomed red Corvette, but most importantly you have your mom, the teddy bear lady, one of my dearest friends. Yes, indeed, you are one lucky teddy bear!
    Hugs and love,

  2. Wow Scully! What a fantastic story! So happy that you got to drive your Corvette. Livin' the Dream eh? (Great waistcoat by the way!)

  3. Dear Aunt Vicki,
    You don't know me, but I am Vicky and Gene's younger daughter, Pam. Mum sent your blog to us and my boys and I (age 8 and 10) thoroughly enjoyed reading about Scully's big adventure. Thank you for sharing. Please tell Uncle "Himself" Hi from Eric and I.
    Pam Christensen

  4. Oh Scully you lucky bear. You are quite handsome sitting in that beautiful Corvette.

  5. Thank you all for stopping by! I've been so busy with my head into tiny teddies, I neglected to let you know how happy I am that you dropped by. Hugs to you all, Vicki and Scully (and Himself)