Monday, October 26, 2009

New Bears to Report

"The Blues"

Stuart (he gets two photos up cuz I LOVE him!


Evan (he's a little bigger than the others at 6 inches)

And finally little Pepe!

I'll just let the teddies tell the story this time.

Many hugs to you all from the Vicki and the teeny teddies.


  1. Wow Vicki!
    I saw The Blues and Stuart on FB today and just love them! But there's also Nathan, Evan and Pepe ..all adorable!!! You really have been busy creating. Feels really good though, doesn't it. I'm loving it! Enjoy!!!
    Love you!
    Big hugs,

  2. Vicki!! Your teeny bears are so precious and they all have the Vicki look. You must have had such fun creating them - I'd love to hear the story behind the inspiration.

    Love to you and all the teenies.

    Pat xx

  3. Hi Laura, yes, it feels good to be creating and have that energy available; and Pat, the story behind the inspiration may be the subject for another blog post. Hugs and love to you both, Vicki

  4. Those little guys are so cute and so full of character. I bet they make good listeners!