Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Of Teddies and Kitties

In our house live two humans, two kitties, and hundreds of teddy bears. The two kitties are Pontus and Katrina, a couple of pound-cats that were gracious enough to allow us to adopt them.

Pontus (white chest) and Katrina
A challenge I face in my world of teddy bear creation, is to keep the cats OFF the teddy bear fur when I am cutting out bears. Katrina is the biggest culprit, because she is the more curious of the two and is always on hand whenever a human opens the closet and extracts something of interest from within its confines. This curiousity also extends to today's teddy bear photo session, as she could not refrain from wanting to participate by jumping into the photo tent.

This NEVER happened....
No, I'm not going to smile...

One of my favorite materials for making teddy bears is a fuzzy fleece-type material that I found in the local fabric shop. It makes really wonderful, soft, fuzzy teddy bears and I love the way it feels. Unfortunately, our felines also love the way it feels.
I am well aware that many people have allergies to kitties and I do my very best to keep my teddy fur away from the cats.
Last evening I thought that maybe if I made the kitties a bed from some of this fuzzy-fleecy type material, it would perhaps keep them off my teddy projects. So, I extracted some sage-green fuzzy fleece from the closet and wrapped it around a pre-made cat pad just to see if it would generate any interest.

Hum.... I Love it!!
It's MINE, keep off!
So, it appears that my next project is to sew together two kitty beds. Perhaps there will be less fighting over ownership of the fuzzy fleecy-type teddy bear material stashed in the closet.
One can only hope!
Take care, Vicki and the Kitties (and the bears)


  1. Good luck, Vicki! Your two look like real sweet kitties. I hope your plan works, but you know kitties, they do whatever they want, whenever they want. Then turn to you with that look that says "Gotta love them". Laura

  2. Gorgeous kitties, looks they're pleased with their new bed!!

  3. Hi Vicki, my two cats are just the same ! It was such fun to see their photos :) Hugs, Catherine x

  4. Thanks for your comments, Laura, Ginie-Lee and Catherine. The stories I could write about cats. It is so true as per Laura, "you just gotta love em." Vicki