Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Bears of 2011 (Part 1)

I  thought it would be great fun to remember the faces of 2011 by posting pictures of all the teddy bears I made last year… perhaps as inspiration to create another parade in 2012. Here they are, in order of date created!

SergeSide1000      SergeShake1000

ElsaSitting1000     AlbertSitting1000

CharlesSittingSide1000     ArthurSittingCOff1000

AmberlyLeaning1000     BusterSitting1000

AnthonyStandingCoat1000     RascallHand1000

HoneycombSitting1000     LinkSittingC1000

CarmellaSitting1000     MetroSittingSide1000

MellowSitting1000     JoJoCloseUpHood1000

MadsenSitting1000     SrgIIFingers1000

ReinholdStanding1000     LostSitting

RhapsodySitting1000     AngeloSitting1000

LighteningHand1000     JasperSideSitting1000

TinkSitting1000     TimSitting(2)1000

ChingSitting(3)1000     MorrisHand1000

LamborghiniHand(2)1000     BeniSitting(1)1000

Thought it would be better to post this in two separate blog posts.

Thanks! Vicki


  1. Wheeee...I recognized Kenneth!! He's loving his new home in Minnesota. :)

    Tracy Screaming Sardine

  2. I am glad Kenneth is loving his home in Minnesota! Born in Alaska; dropped into North Dakota; residing in Minnesota... he has his own little story to tell. Take care! Vicki