Sunday, April 17, 2011

Time to Change the View

… and Jones, one of my favorite bears, has decided to help me do just that.


Every time I looked at my last post, it just looked too depressing. It is time for a little sunshine and today it is doing just that.

Happy Spring everybody!


  1. I have to agree - this scenery is much better. Love your background and the teddy is sooo cute. Love it!

  2. Oh I LOVE this guy! And the view is awesome! We were out at Sunshine Cove all day, it was so nice out.

  3. Thank you "Bright" lady! We like the view too, especially in the sunshine!

    Hey Steampunk.. I love sunshine cove! What a cool place to visit on a sunny Juneau day.

  4. Twice the beautiful!! The boy and the view - what a combination!

    Lots of love
    Pat xx

  5. Beautiful scenery and beautiful bear! Thanks for sharing this picture. It's filled with so much loveliness, but I'm a sucker for water. I always want to live by water, even if it's just a little stream like I have out back.


  6. Yes, Pat and Tracy, it is beautiful here. And when the sun shines there is no place I'd rather be. Wish you both could come over for a little visit..... having you as buds on the blog is very special to me. Take care! Vicki