Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Introduction to My Sister’s Doilies

I decided to start a blog for my sister, Pat.


My sister lives in a tiny little apartment in Bismarck, North Dakota. She doesn’t get out much, but she is a very crafty individual.

She crochet’s the most beautiful, intricate doilies.

Every year she sends me some of her hand crocheted doilies to sell at our Alaska Juneau Public Market, alongside my teddy bears.

And between markets, I simply keep her remaining gorgeous handmade doilies in my closet, until next year.

I decided to start her a little selling blog. I will then begin the process of posting some of her creations, hopefully to generate some income for her.

I know she could do it herself, but hard as it is to believe, she doesn’t even have a computer.

If you would like to visit, click here or go to my profile and click on My Sisters Doilies. It may take me a little time to get it all finished, but I will be posting her first item here in a few minutes.

I am excited for her and hopefully this will turn out very positively.

Thank you for visiting!

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