Friday, March 20, 2009

When It's Springtime in Alaska....'s 40 below, at least according to Johnny Horton and one of his hit songs. Actually, it was 29 degrees when I got up this morning. It took me a minute to realize it was the first day of Spring so I got excited!!!

This is the back yard... I promise to send pictures next Spring (I mean perhaps this summer) when the flowers are in bloom. I know they're buried in there somewhere. Maybe I'll have to get out my wheelbarrow and start carting off some of that snow.

Below is the area where the lilac bush lives and more flowers there in the left hand corner.

Here is my greenhouse. It's like a little freezer in there now, but in a month or so it should be teaming with green plants!! (I better get busy and start some seeds.)

And I'm sure there is a crocus under all that snow. The area by the side of the house that is devoid of snow is where the peones live. I promise to post a picture this summer, as they are gorgeous.
So, Happy First Day of Spring to you all!
Hugs from Vicki and the bears


  1. Wow, I didn't think you would have any snow left!
    It's been very springlike this week here in England , Happy First Day of Spring to you too Vicki,
    Hugs Ginie-Lee xx

  2. Happy first day of spring! Great pix but sorry you're covered in snow. Hopefully soon you'll have flowers and songbirds. Warm spring hugs, Laura

  3. I hope Spring arrives real soon for you! You have some gorgeous scenery there though.

  4. In South Africa we are moving into Autumn but we are still having temperatures of 25 deg. This has been a very long and very hot summer and I will welcome some coolness! Wow the snow looks divine!

    Warm hugs from the South

  5. Hi all, it is so nice to hear different perspectives and know people who live in different parts of the world, from across the globe to Africa, to almost right next door in Washington, and all the way to the UK... I really feel blessed to get to know you through the blog :) Thanks for your comments. Hugs, Vicki and the bears