Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here's Looking at You !

After being a computer geek for a few weeks, I'm big into teddy bear mode these days, actually my favorite mode to be in.

Thought I'd post a little guy I made a few days ago. He thought he was pretty cool since he got to have this first picture taken where the big people live and not in that weird white tent that lives in the teddy bear room.

His name is Chess and he will be added on to my website as soon as I get back into computer mode.

Hugs, Vicki and the Bears


  1. I love this fella Vicki, he looks very dapper in his waistcoat and scarf. He also looks like he is having a secret little smile to himself that he escaped the white box, hehe!
    Huggies Sue xx

  2. Hi Vicki , love your new bear he looks great in his waistcoat !!
    Hugs Ginie x

  3. Yes, Sue, he does hold a secret in his smile! Chess thanks you for the compliment, Pat and nice to hear from you again, Ginie! XXOO Vicki and Chess

  4. Hi Vicki!
    Chess is a real cutie! Love his smile. Makes him look like he's up to something. And no doubt he is! I can hear all the bears in unison, mine included..'Oh no, not the white tent!' Happy Hugs, Laura

  5. Thanks, Laura. Good thing the white tent can be hidden after it is squished down.. however, now that our bears know the possibility exists of "outside the tent" photo sessions, I can just hear the arguing begin..........Have a great day! Vicki