Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cubby and Badger on an Exciting Holiday in Beautiful France!


Submitted by my friend, Bine.

In October 2013 Cubby and Badger went on Holiday with their German parents in their camping car. Both were so excited that they danced and rocked on the dashboard. Finally their first long journey started. They travelled straight across through France to reach the Atlantic Ocean.


On one of these roaming tours, Badger suddenly screamed in an already breaking of his voice, pointing with his paw into the appropriate direction – we stopped the car at once! And unbelievable but true, the reason why Badger was so excited was the name “Vicky” on a sign near the road. Now tears dropped from the eyes of both bears; and Cubby sighed swaying to and fro; sweet memories; obviously remembering a cradle.


The next morning – as every morning – they had French breakfast, of course, with quail eggs, goat’s cheese and baguette. Cubby tried to ride on the baguette, but unfortunately always in vain.


In an unobserved moment, Badger pinched several quail eggs and ate them hidden behind the robin shopping bag, his favorite. He kept two eggs in order to hide them in the baguette that he had excavated for hard times.


After breakfast they went to an old castle where Badger climbed a pile and became the first to sit on top! “What an experience to see the world from above!” he thought. And Cubby??? He didn’t succeed in climbing on top of the pile; he leaned against the pile, exhausted, with all his muscles out of control.


The next day they went to the seaside. It was their last day at the Atlantic Ocean. All of a sudden Badger climbed on a pale, sat down on top, sucking his thumb with his left hand and holding a pinched little tomato in his right arm while he watched the sea.


Cubby, who again wasn’t able to climb that high, was satisfied with a lower seat.


Sunset was the time when they sat together and dreamed of Vicki and Alaska until the full moon rose in their back.

Thank you, Bine, for sharing this story with me and our friends on the Blog. I almost feel like I was able to go with you on your trip and share the fun with you and the bears. Big smiles and gratitude. Love and hugs, too!!!


  1. How lovely to see what your bears got up to! xx

  2. What an awesome story! That is so sweet that she sent you those pictures. Just goes to show how your customers love your bears and appreciate your brilliant creative work.

    Happy New Year!

    Warm hugs