Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Black Hole


Every year about this time, I have ahead of me a project. Every year I dread it more. Is it because I’m getting older and it is harder to move about… underneath the house?

The hole is located behind a beautiful lace curtain that hangs over a doorway in the teddy bear room.


Behind the curtain is a “mess” of teddy bears, supplies and just “stuff” that belongs in a closet.


So, I begin to haul all of the “stuff” into the teddy bear room… to reveal the “hatch” that opens up to the black hole.


After going this far, I can’t turn back. So I open up the hatch and gingerly place my trusty step stool into the cold black area where the magic of Christmas resides… hidden away in blue bins.


Into the dark hole I go…. grasping for the string that hangs from the hole’s ceiling that will allow me to turn on the light.


OK, I’ve gotten this far. Now I need to drag each bin to the hole and ease it up into the closet. Good thing hubby was home so he could help drag the bins into the living room. (He gets the easy job).


So, bin after bin eases up into the teddy bear room. From there into the living room. And in a couple of hours it turns into this….


…. and that is what gives me the courage, year after year, to enter into the black hole that contains the magic of Christmas!

Hugs from Vicki and the Bears!


  1. You are very brave going down into that creepy black hole but well worth it for all the Christmas goodies:o)) Still wouldn't get me down there though LOL!
    Wishing you all the best for Christmas too and enjoy:o))
    Take care and have a good day.......Lyn xx

  2. Oh! It's beautiful to see what you have achieved and very brave of you to enter the black hole. We used to use the loft until we emptied it and that was a bit of a dusty ordeal each Christmas. Now we store our stuff in cupboards. Have a lovely Christmas Vicki! Xx