Saturday, September 21, 2013

How my cat finally got me trained….

I have a cat. Oops, I need to turn that around, now that I have been properly trained. My cat has a human. It is me.

For a while, I thought I was the boss. And weirdly enough, I and “my” cat were both rather frustrated.

For example. I thought I was in charge of feeding time. I decided that we would have a bowl of dry food available at all times, and at 2:00 in the afternoon the “cat” would be provided with a treat of canned cat food.

But the cat decided that the “treat” at 2:00 was going to be called “my main meal” and she was going to have it when she wanted it, not at the specified 2:00 “treat time.”

Here is how it would work. I would be sitting here in the teddy bear room, working. The cat would come into the room and sit by my chair, looking at me. No meow, no scratching, no nothing… just “the look.” I would ignore her to the best of my ability, maybe give her a little pet, remind her that it was not 2:00 yet and go about my business. I knew what she wanted, but it was not 2:00 yet, and we must adhere to the schedule.

Months went by. Day by day… same thing… I would just hold out. If I got off my chair she would follow me wherever I went, rubbing against my leg, and staring at me. This also created a bit of a frustration factor, as I wanted her to stop trying to have her way.

One day I just thought, “this is ridiculous. I’ll just let her decide when it is time for the treat and end this.”

So, here is how it goes.

She comes into the teddy bear room and looks up at me.


I get up from my chair and follow her.


Through the living room.


Into the dining area….


Stopping for a bit of a chin rub.


Circling around a leg as I’m getting the treat prepared.


Patiently waiting by the “feeding area.”


And finally it arrives!




And back to where it all started, happy and contented little kitty.


It took a while, but I finally got it. The cat wins, because the cat never gave up on me. She had faith I would finally learn, and she was persistent in her training. The result: A peaceful existence for human and cat. How come it took me so long?


  1. So funny Vicki & so true! Cats train us ever so carefully so as not to get on our nerves too terribly much, heehee. My two are my buds, they too follow me around, *help* me with any task at hand and get their feedings on their own time schedule! I am adopting two more a a few weeks, should be a regular circus around here then LOL!

    I LOVE the tiny 5 inch tan/white alpaca bearie in your Etsy shoppe, SO cute!! Must save up some bearie bucks! :0)

    Ani in Wilmington, NC

  2. I go through this everyday with my little Yorkie. She eats in the morning very early. I try to hold her off until 5pm. Now the time keeps moving up. She will stand in front of you and just bark. We will look at the clock and know what she wants. Spoiled rotten, I would say.

  3. Nice one and very funny!! Cats are very bossy and do own their humans! I remember when I had a Persian cat - oh boy was he bossy and very vocal with it too LOL!He even kept the dogs in order as well!!
    My 2 dogs give that stare and a few low woofs when they want food - we call it the 'Eddie Stare' after the dog in that programme 'Frasier'
    Take care and have a good weekend - good to hear from you too:o))
    Hugs Lyn x

  4. So very funny Vicki. I know that specific 'look' so well as I have five of those furry balls, all practicing their training skills on me.
    Take care