Sunday, October 21, 2012

Look what I just bought!!

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Yes, believe it or not, I just bought myself a 57 year old Singer sewing machine and I am just thrilled!

When I began my sewing career, I used a Singer Diana and it served me well for almost 30 years.

It finally bit the dust a little over a year ago and I replaced it with a Singer Heavy Duty machine, for which I paid about $200.00

What a disappointment that was. That machine is sitting in my closet right now. I won’t even drag it out for a picture. If I did photograph it, it would only be for the purpose of warning you not to buy it.

It only took a week or so for that particular Heavy Duty Machine to start skipping stitches… oh you know the story. It was a nightmare.

Well, I saved up my money and started searching around for a machine that I knew could handle the type of work I do. And also that was small enough so I could get into the very tiny spaces that I need to go to get my work done.

I found this, among many other machines on eBay.

I finally took the plunge and spent over $1,000 on this little puppy.

I know it seems like a lot, but it is amazing and is as strong as a little ox. Plus I can get into those little spaces and it is so small I can bring it with me if I ever decide to go quilting. Well, I’ll save that for another day.

As you can see, I guess I am pretty excited. I haven’t written this much in a blog for quite a while.

I had to share this with you. I’m curious. What kind of sewing machine do you use? I’ve always wondered what make and model of machines that others use. I’ve always been hooked on Singers. One because I had such good luck with my Diana.

Now I know it’s not so much the brand as when it was made. These old Singers were made to last through the ages, and they do.

OK, I’ve shared my favorite purchase with you. Soon, I’ll be sharing more bears that are being made with this magic little machine.

Hope your week is great.

Hugs to all, Vicki and the Bears

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