Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One of my FIRST Open-Mouth Teddy Bears is the Wonderful Walt!


And the reason I say “one” of my first is because I dabbled in the “open-mouth” style when I first started making bears a very long time ago. I just couldn’t get the hang of it so I gave up.


I have recently been working harder on quality rather than quantity in my teddy bear world. So I decided to dabble a bit with the open mouth style.


I must say I am pleased with the results and will have to try another one soon.

I had a very hard time with the photo session yesterday. I am sure I took over 100 pictures indoors using my black background and then practicing with white. I could not get the photos to accurately display this bear.

So, I took him outside and sat him on the deck.


Pontus wanted to know who the stranger on the deck was (and he wasn’t getting any closer than three feet).


Katrina said “hey, who’s the new guy?” and went right up to say “Hi!”


I am grateful for a day without rain here in our Northern rainforest Juneau. It helped with the photo session and also the demeanor of the photographer, as we have had steady pouring rain most of this month.

Love and hugs to all. Thank you! Vicki


  1. i love it! Great job on the open mouth. As always - beautiful work.



  2. It's always nice to hear from you Pat. Hope all is well in your world. Hugs back to you!

  3. Well done you! You have done a very nice job of the mouth:o)) Oh what brave kitties well Katrina is LOL!
    Take care and have a good day.
    Hugs Lyn x

  4. Oh Lyn, Katrina is the brave one and curious to boot. Pontus is a little more reserved and couldn't quite understand why a teddy was on the deck.. ha ha. Thanks for visiting my blog! It's always so nice to hear from you :)

  5. Oh my gosh! He is adorable! I love the new open mouth, super cute! And you even got a dry day to photograph outside:) I think today is the last one.

  6. Hi Angie! Thanks for coming over to my side of the rainforest for a little visit. Walt thanks you, too!

  7. Hi, Vicki -

    I think you did wonderfully with the open mouth look. I'm glad you'll be doing more, as he is just so cute. Loved the inclusion of your cats. One of my cats is brave, while the other is timid, so I'm sure they'd be acting like yours if they met a new bear. :)

    I'm doing much better, btw. Thanks for your understanding words.

    Tracy Screaming Sardine

  8. Hi Tracy! It's good to hear from you. I've been thinking about you ... Love and hugs, Vicki

  9. Your bears are so special Vicki! I can't imagine even attempting an open-mouthed bear!

    Our weather is pretty wet at the moment. We are off on holiday soon to Norfolk and taking plenty of wet weather gear.

  10. Hi, Vicki, it's nice to meet you. I found your blog on The Screaming Sardine.
    "Wonderful Walt" is just that, wonderful! You did a fantastic job on this bear, it's absolutely beautiful. I saw some open mouth patterns on the Edinburgh Import's website and wondered how difficult they would be. I think I'll try one after I get my feet wet making a regular bear for the first time in quite a few years.
    Warm Regards,
    Susan B., Western MA

  11. Hello Susan! Thank you for visiting my blog and your compliments on Walt. He is most humbly flattered. It must be wonderful to live in beautiful Massachusetts. I bet the leaves are turning gold and it is stunning. Best to you, Vicki

  12. Just how do I go about this? I don't have a clue and I'm not brave enough to try without a suggested starting place.

    I think your work is wonderful! And tonight I made myself ask.

    If you would be kind enough to give me a clue, I'd also love one on needle felting a bear face. I needle felt, and enjoy it (wearing a leather garden glove) but although artist say they combine the 2 --- I have no idea as to cutting off the muzzle or making it small & adding. Don't know where to start???

  13. Hi Maureen, Thank you for your kind remarks about my work. As for the open mouth style, I made reference to one of my favorite "how to" books in this post http://customteddys.blogspot.com/2011/09/oh-my-what-big-teeth-you-have.html in which I describe Landau, one of my open mouth bears with teeth. This book gives all kinds of instructions to do all kinds of different things. Anyway, to simplify things, the open mouth style is almost like just making another ear and attaching it to the bottom of the jar... with a little sculpting you have an open mouth. I hope this is helpful. The book "101 Bears to Make" is an amazing reference for creating bears. Thanks again! Vicki