Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day!

GroupApr2010 (5)_edited

I remember when I was a child, I loved the first day of May, because it was May Day. We would make little May baskets and fill them with tiny candies and ribbons. We would then chase down the object of our affection and a few best friends, give them a May basket and hope for a kiss in return.

What a sweet way to welcome this beautiful Month.

Today I was going to work in the garden, however it is a bit chilly. I read a post on Facebook this morning from someone who said they were busy working on bears and it made me jealous. That was my clue… I want to work on bears today and leave the gardening to another day. So rather than make little May baskets and chase down my friends for hopeful kisses, I’ll simply cut out a few hopeful teddy bears and enjoy the day.

The bears on the photo are some of my most recent creations. From left to right there is Mojo, Caramel, William, Humphries, Gloria, Brett and Miss Gray.

Happy Merry Month of May to all my friends on the blog. Hugs from Vicki and the Bears


  1. What a charming story, Vicki. A May basket for a kiss. I love it!
    I also love your bears, the group shot is great.
    Happy May Day, my dear friend.
    Love & Hugs (even a magical May Day kiss!)
    Laura ♥

  2. Happy May Day to you too Vicki and your lovely hug of bears:o))
    Hugs Lyn x

  3. And Happy May Day to you too Vicki! How on earth did you get them ALL to sit quietly for the picture???

    Lots of love

    Pat and the little Southern Bears xxxxxx

  4. Happy May Day Vicki! Lovely picture of the bears, they look like they belong together!

  5. Thank you, dear friends, for dropping by to share the magic of May Day. Hugs from the well disciplined bears.