Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bear Arrival!

Announcing the arrival of…. ta da…

BelleBiskitPacker (9)_edited

Packer born on 2/20/2010

Packer (27)_edited

Belle born on 2/24/2010

Belle (2)_edited

Biskit born on 2/23/2010

Biskit (3)_edited

And here’s a couple who moved out to Homespun Mercantile last week.

Lex and Griswald!

Lex&Griswald (4)_edited

Ha, it looks like we’ve been working on bears at the teddy bear house. And now it’s time to share the joy!

Happy Hugs from Vicki and the Bears!


  1. Oh, Vicki, these teddys are super adorable! I love your new design. I love them all!
    I especially love Biskit, but that's on the hush-hush, so don't let Packer or Belle, Lex or Griswald read this.
    Hugs & Much Love,
    Laura ♥

  2. Vicki they all look fabulous but Biskit is extra yummy
    Sue xx

  3. Wow! Great work Vicki! Congratulations!

  4. Thanks to all of you from the bears. I think Biskit is a bit puffed up at the moment.. LOL.

  5. Oooooooh, they are all super fabulous. Give them big fat kisses and hugs from me!

    Pat xx

  6. 原來這世上能跟你共同領略一個笑話的人竟如此難得........................................