Saturday, August 22, 2009


So here I am again. I haven’t been on the blog for a couple of weeks, except to check in with various blogs I follow, but I haven’t been able to post one of my own.

Why not?

Because I’m out of gas. I don’t have anything interesting to say. I have no new teddies to report.
What I do have are six bears in process, waiting “patiently” for faces, arms, legs, bows and personalities to explode.

I have piles of blue jeans that I swear I am going to make into fabulous purses, vests and belts.

And with all that, my energy level is at about zilch… and who wants to hear about that?

I think with all our house projects this summer, I’m just worn out. And what I know is that when I am worn out, I can’t force teddies to be born. What happens, is that they just emerge with these sullen little faces and the magic won’t come.

So, I’m going to wait for the magic to reappear in my life and I’m sure the bears will understand.

In the meantime I have become lost in “Lost”….. Oh no.

One of my biggest fears is becoming a television monger who sits all day and watches the boob tube. Oh, well, it seems that is what I have become. I do, however, force myself to be productive during the day… you know the cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands and all the facets of being a house person….. However, in the evening I turn in to the addictive TV person… and just “leave me alone,” if you please.

I discovered Netflix a few months ago.

A few days ago I discovered that I could watch Netflix instantly on my computer. Consequently, I have become addicted to the television series “Lost.” When the series first began, I watched a couple of episodes, but I couldn’t keep up with it and became lost so I stopped watching.

With the discovery of streaming video on Netflix, I discovered that you could watch a complete Season with all the episodes over my computer.

So, I have watched Season 1 in its entirety.

I have watched Season 2 in its entirety.

I am currently halfway through Season 3.

And I believe there are 5 (?) seasons so far to watch…. I wonder if I will become permanently scarred as a result.

I have become one of the people I judge. You know… those lazy people. And I deserve it. So I am going to judge myself unmercifully, watch the next three seasons of Lost at my discretion, and just see what happens.

You see, I seldom indulge in anything. I seem to work all day, cleaning, gardening, running errands, making teddies; and perhaps when all the chores are done I may relax for ten minutes before bed.

I think I’m just plain done with being that for a while.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen to me as a result of all this. Will I turn into a pumpkin in the end? Will I become slothful and lazy? Will I never make another teddy? Will I lose my family, my friends, my relationships? Will I become permanently lost?
I don’t know. But this feels like the first time in a very long time where I have just stopped for a while. I need to pretend I’m on vacation. The kind of vacation that takes place on a tropical island with Hurley, Jack, Clair, Sawyer, John, Freckles, and the rest of the survivors.

I just hope I survive the ordeal. It’s 10:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. I wonder if I’ll survive the day if I find my comfortable spot, right next to my sleeping cat, and just get lost in the comfort of my little self-created vacation.

I guess we'll see.

Love and hugs to all my buddies out there in blogland from Vicki and the rest of the "Lost"


  1. If you were away on vaction you would be sitting in the sun maybe, relaxing and reading a book - nothing wrong with that!
    Taking a break from sewing will charge up your batteries. Sounds like you need that Rest & Relaxation - Enjoy my friend!

  2. No Vicki, not lost, just recharging your batteries. Besides my recent experience of being lost taught me that the teddies absolutely refuse to be abandoned. We all need a little time out once in a while and when you come back, it!s with a vengeance. Enjoy the television ... for now ... why not!!

    Take care
    Pat xx

  3. Vicki, Your openness and candor is heartwarming and heartfelt. Running out of steam is only human, so is being a lazy bum for a while. It's good for the soul!
    Take care of you, watch tv and eat bon-bons. Your zest for life will return.
    And I'm always here...if you need a shoulder, an ear, or just a friend...I'm here for you.
    Love & Hugs,

  4. Thanks for the comments my friends. Sometimes I just worry if I take a break, I might not break out of it. But for now, I'll take your advice and have a mini-vacation...Hugs to you all.